Bloomfield (Bloomfield House)

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory
1877-1883 Mrs Murphy, Bloomfield house
1882 Miss Sparrow, Bloomfield house
1884-1885 John Robinson, Bloomfield, Halseton-lane
1887-1889 Mr Alexander Buckley, Bloomfield
1891 Vacant
1892-1893 Mr J. Nolan, Bloomfield
1894 James Sidney Gray, Bloomfield house, Herberton-bridge
1896 Robert Eager, Bloomfield house
1897-1898 Mr W. L. Pearson, Bloomfield house
1898 Wm Arson, Bloomfield House
1899-1901 Mrs Sealy, Bloomfield House
1901-1903 Major William Claudius Clifford
1902-1904 J. D. Richardson, Bloomfield House (Veterinary Inspector ) [Also owned Herberton House on SCR, see Ceannt papers]
1913-1915 Eamonn Ceannt, Bloomfield
1916-1921 W. Levins, Bloomfield House, Herberton Lane
1917 P. Levins, Bloomfield, Rutland-Avenue
1918-1919 John Gilchrist, Bloomfield
1921 John Levins, Bloomfield
1922-1926 Thomas O’Byrne, Bloomfield
1928-1949 Patrick Thornton, Bloomfield

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Éamonn Ceannt - Revolutionary and republican who lived on Herberton Road and who has Éamonn Ceannt park named after him. Read More ...

Building Details
Address: Herberton Lane, Dolphin's Barn
Longitude: -6.298621769828135
Latitude: 53.33298780403226
Still exists: Yes
Date built: 1877c
Road(s): Herberton Road