Charles Carrigan

(28/04/1882 - 28/04/1916)

Charles Edward Carrigan, also know as Cathal Éamonn O’Corragáin was born to Irish parents Carrol and Cath Carrigan in Denny, Stirlingshire, Scotland, on April 28, 1882. Despite being trained as a tailor, Carrigan was intellectually curious, attending classes in history and literature. He excelled in languages, particularly French and Latin, and also dedicated himself to studying Irish, aligning himself with the Gaelic League.

Carrigan’s fervour for Irish nationalism led him into active political engagement from a young age. He became deeply involved in the United Irish League, eventually rising to the position of President in his local branch in Denny by 1898. Embracing the ideals of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), he furthered his involvement by becoming a member. In 1905, he assumed the role of Chairman for Sinn Féin’s inaugural Cumann in Scotland, known as the Éire Óg Craobh Cumann.

Carrigan’s commitment to the cause intensified when he joined the Irish Volunteers in 1915, following their split from Redmond’s National Volunteers. In January 1916, Carrigan, along with fellow IRB members from Glasgow, journeyed to Dublin to join forces with Na Fianna and Cumann na mBan. Together, they formed the Scottish Division of the Irish Volunteers, based at Count Plunkett’s residence on Sundrive Road  to prepare for the impending insurrection against British rule.

When the Easter Rising erupted on April 24, 1916, Carrigan and his compatriots from the Scottish Division played an active role. Tragically, during the evacuation of the General Post Office (GPO) on Moore Street, Carrigan fell victim to British gunfire, succumbing to his wounds. He died on the same day as his birthday. His sacrifice and dedication to the cause were commemorated as he was laid to rest in St. Paul’s Cemetery, Glasnevin.

Charles Carrigan’s contributions from his grassroots activism in Scotland to his brave actions during the Easter Rising, serve as a testament to his enduring spirit and dedication to the Irish republican movement.

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Connection with area: Scottish republican who formed the Scottish Division of the Irish Volunteers in the Kimmage Garrison in the 1916 Rising