Alley / Allay House

Owner / Occupier Information:
  • Mentioned to be close to Police Barracks, 6 rooms, garage, garden in for sale notice in 1933. Also for sale in 1930 with 2 sitting rooms and 3 bedrooms.
  • Was the home of Christopher Carr who died in 1953 of 23 Haddington Road. Wife Elizabeth Carr died 1st February 1974 in 235 Bunting Road. Both buried in Deansgrange Cemetery.
  • Most likely to be the house that was located between Looceville House and Post Office and  is not the entrance road to Somerville Avenue.
  • Finola Watchhorn mentions Carr shop in book and there is a photo.

Building Details
Longitude: -6.319161362009476
Latitude: 53.32207846977385
Crumlin Road
Still exists: No