Towerfield House (Marian Ville / Tower Field / Marianville)

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory

1858 William Percival O’Neill (Towerfield House)
1859-1870 William Burnside (Marianville)
1871 John Flynn (Marian Ville)
1872-1881 John Flynn (Towerfield House)
1882-1889 John Patrick Duane(Towerfield House)
1891 Towerfield House vacant
1892-1914 Mr. Michael, John,Joseph & MAry White (Towerfield House)
1915-1946 Michael Healy (Towerfield House)

1949 Towerfield House demolished

*John Flynn lived in Camac Place and Woodbine Cottage before Marian Vile

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Building Details
Longitude: -6.293562893540066
Latitude: 53.32854280996023
Crumlin Road
Still exists: No