Rathland House

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory.
1918-1928 Mrs Cahill, Rathland house, Kimmage-road
1929 Vacant (Rathland house, Kimmage-road)
1930-1939 John Hodgins, Rathland house, Sundrive-road
1940-1949 Let in flats (Rathland house, Sundrive-road)

(Rathland Terrace) 16 Small Houses
1928-1943 Mrs K. Watters
1936 Major M. J. Kenny
1936 Herbert Charles Carr.
1936 Cassidy Michael

Rathland House, located where there is now a Dublin City Council depot, should not be confused with Rathlands House on Mount Argus Road, an area not covered by this website.

Rathland Terrace is presumably the terraces now numbered 53-85 Sundrive Road.

Appears in the following maps:
Building Details
Longitude: -6.292704374877972
Latitude: 53.321048447728685
Sundrive Road
Still exists: No