Rutland Mills

Was also called and Iron Foundry, Rutland Iron Works, Metal Works, Iron Foundry, Metal Foundry

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thoms Directory
1832 George Millner (Hall’s Lane)
1833-1841 N.R. Caffrey (worsted spinner)
1842 John Guy (Halls Lane)
1843-1844 John Guy (patent axle factory )
1843-1876 Robert Guy (1876, patent axle factory  – Lived in Sandycove Castle, Kingstown and later 3 Stephens Green, North)
1867-1869 Edward Holmes (Thornville, Rutland-Avenue and Rutland Iron Mills)
1870-1871 Robert Gray
1872 Patrick Kellett, patent
1878-1880 Michl Moran. Patent Axle Works and Rutland Mills
1878-1880 Charles O’Neill, button manufacturer
1880 Mich Moran
1884-1886 Mr James Smith
1887 Mr Denni O Connor
1887 Charles O’Neill, button maker
1888 Henry Thorne


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Building Details
Address: Dolphin's-barn bridge, Rutland-avenue
Longitude: -6.289637004481579
Latitude: 53.326952728601015
Still exists: No
Date built: 1832c
Date first mentioned: 1832
Road(s): Rutland Avenue