St. Agnes [Kimmage] (Hawthorn Villa)

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory
1904: Mrs. Dennehy
1906: Michael Farrell
1907-1910: Albert M’Evoy
1911-1912: B. Murray
1913-1941: J. M’Evoy

1914-1916 Thom’s Directories report J. McEvoy as living at Hawthorn Villa, Kimmage-road, valuation 5l., and at 5 Martin’s Terrace, Kimmage-road, valuation 10l. Despite the different valuations, it seems possible that they are the same house, as Hawthorn Villa disappears after 1916. 1917-1921 Thom’s Directories report the Martin’s Terrace address only. From 1922 J. McEvoy’s house is named as St. Agnes. Up to 1913 the only address used is 5 Martin’s Terrace.

After 1934 identified only as 339 Kimmage Road Lower, without a house name.

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Building Details
Address: 5 Martin's Terrace, 339 Kimmage Road Lower
Longitude: -6.2962522518569495
Latitude: 53.314835574237804
Still exists: Yes
Date built: 1904c
Date first mentioned: 1904
Road(s): Kimmage Road Lower