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The Cinema opened on 15th January 1953.

CRUMLIN’S new luxurious cinema, The Star will be formally opened to-morrow night at 7.45 by the Lord Mayor (Senator A. Clarkin) in the presence of a distinguished gathering which will include 250 specially invited guests. Situated on the Crumlin Road, not far from the Iveagh Sports Grounds and opposite the new hospital. The Star Is the last word in cinemas. Catering for; a huge population – there are 40,000 people housed within a square mile of the cinema – the Star has seating accommodation for 1,800 patrons. The stalls  can seat 1,350, and the. balcony 400. It is 120 feet long by 90 feet wide, and the entrance is illuminated in the most modern fashion, and is the last word In comfort. no expense or labour having been spared to ensure that patrons may see their favourite stars tn complete ease.

Cinemas in built-up areas are commonly known as the “local” but the Star is a new departure in that the management will endeavour to present shows on the “down town” style. Although It will not be a first-run house, the best selection of films possible will be shown. with an eye oh the taste and requirements of the people in the district. For the opening night—the proceeds of which will be devoted to charity—the film. “Tea For Two.” has been selected. It stars Doris Day and Gordon McRae. With an attractive wide front. there are two shops, one on each side Of the entrance doors. One of the shops will be run by the management for the sale of cigarettes, sweets, Ice cream, etc.. and the other will probably be offered on lease.


Building of the new cinema started almost a .year ago and. although the cost has not been actually disclosed. it ts under- stood to be In the neighbourhood of between c60.000 and c70,000. The architects, Messrs. Jones and Kelly, South Frederick St. went to great pains to make sure that their blueprints included every possible convenience for patrons of The Star. There is included In the building a comfortable lounge, where, It Is hoped. eventually to serve light refreshments In the form of teas and ices. Tastefully decorated inside and outside. a feature of the new cinema Is that it possesses a first-class stage and concerts or other shows can be held if necessary. There are spacious dressing rooms at the back of the stage as well as cloakrooms. The walls and ceiling are beautifully embellished by expert plasterers and a plastic clock in modern design will be on each wall. They will be illuminated and visible to patrons from all Darts ot the house. In winter or summer the new cinema should be a good place to relax and enjoy a film. A special plant for ventilation has been Installed In a room to It- self. This will enable hot air to be blown In and warm alr extracted, while In hot weather a cooling air will be blown tn.

A magnificent tar macadam car park to accommodate at least 40 motor cars has been laid down at the front of the cinema. and this should save m any a headache for the motorist who does not know where to par% his car while he is seeing a show. The builders were Messrs. Maher and Murphy Ltd. of Aughrim Street, and the finished building Is a credit to their care. workmanship and skill. Certainly the cinema should be a boon to the residents of Crumlin and district. tor It will fill a much felt want for those who wish to relax not too far from home. Admission prices are very reasonable—ranging from 1/- to 2/2—and there will be matinees on Saturdays for the children. The management intend to have a change of programme three times a week with a new film Monday to Wednesday. a change of programme. from Thursday to Saturday. and a new film and supporting programme on Sunday.

  • Monsell Mitchell & Co. Ltd.. Plumbing Specialists. supplied all sanitary fixtures.
  • M. Healy & Sons were responsible for cash offices. kiosk and interior shop fitting
  • J. M. Elliman & son Ltd., made all seating for Cinema.
  • E. Feldman supplied the window and exit door curtains.
  • M. Creedon Ltd. carried out the plastering work.
  • J. Taylor & Co. Ltd. supplied and erected neon signs.
  • Conningham Bros Ltd. made all wire guards on windows. Hayden, contractors for central heating and ventilation.
  • P. J. Hurley planned, fitted. and laid the Tintawn and carpets. T. Pearson and Co. supplied reinforcement.
  • Irish Ropes. Ltd.—The cinema Is carpeted throughout with Tlntawn. General Distributors supplied the fire extinguishers




  • 15th January 1953 – Star Cinema opens
  • 28th January 1953 – Applies and is successful for Music and Singing Licence
  • 12th December 1972 – Last film shown in Star Cinema, becomes Bingo Hall
  • 22nd April 1974 – Bay City Rollers play Star Cinema
  • 1981 – Roller disco

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Building Details
Address: 385 Kildare Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12
Longitude: -6.316836036964294
Latitude: 53.32476438741975
Crumlin Road
Still exists: Yes Date built: 1953 Architect: Jones and Kelly