Willow Lodge

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory
1859-1864: John Martin
1901-1902: S. Martin
1903-1904: Mrs. Warbrook
1906: Vacant
1907: William Smyth
1908: Vacant
1909-1910: William Robinson
1911-1936: Hy. J. Long
1937-1943: Alexander J. Connolly
1944-1949: Mrs. Mary Kelly

After 1934 identified simply as 329 Kimmage Road Lower, without a house name.

The 1859-1864 entry is for Roundtown (i.e. Terenure), and may be a different house.

Related Place Names:
Building Details
Address: 1 Martin's Terrace, 329 Kimmage Road Lower
Longitude: -6.295957918839265
Latitude: 53.31512975256493
Still exists: No
Date built: 1859c
Date first mentioned: 1859
Road(s): Kimmage Road Lower