John (‘Jackie’) Jameson

(27/03/1957 - 28/10/2002)

John “Jackie” Jameson,(1957-2002) was a League of Ireland footballer known for this silky skills and dribbling ability. He was born on March 27, 1957 to John Jameson and Margaret (“Rita”) Stephens in Crumlin, Dublin.  His family, Hugh(1948), Rebecca(1950), Joseph(1952), Leo(1955) lived at 45 Lismore Road, Crumlin where Jackie honed his craft playing street football to becoming a legend in the League of Ireland.

Starting out at Lourdes Celtic and Cherry Orchard, Jackie’s skills caught the eye of Shamrock Rovers when he was just 19. Despite some tough times with injuries and not getting much game time, he never gave up. He later played for St. Patrick’s Athletic before finding his true home at Bohemians in 1981.

Wearing Bohemians’ black and red, Jackie became a hero to fans. His partnership with Derek Carthy was legendary, and they lit up Dalymount Park with their magic. Even though he had offers to play abroad, Jackie stuck with Bohemians, seeing them as family. His performances spoke volumes, especially when Bohemians beat Glasgow Rangers in a UEFA Cup match in 1984. Despite never playing for Ireland internationally, Jackie’s reputation went beyond Irish shores. He even got a chance in the Olympic Games qualifiers in 1986-87, showing how respected he was in the football world.

Jackie wasn’t just a star on the field; he was a humble guy off it. He didn’t chase fame and preferred to keep to himself. After retiring in 1990, Jackie lived a quiet life. His sudden death in 2002 shocked everyone, leaving behind memories of a true footballing great.

As we remember Jackie “The Great Man” Jameson, we celebrate not just his skill but also his resilience, loyalty, and humility. In the history of Irish football, his name shines bright as a symbol of the magic of the beautiful game,

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Connection with area: Football player who was born on Cashel Road, Crumlin