Arthur Pomeroy (1st Viscount Harberton)

(16/01/1723 - 09/04/1798)

Arthur Pomeroy, 1st Viscount Harberton, born on 16 January 1723, was a distinguished Anglo-Irish politician for whom Herberton Bridge, is named. Hailing from Cork, Pomeroy was the first born son of the Reverend John Pomeroy, Archdeacon of Cork, and Elizabeth Donnellan of Cloghan, County Roscommon. We was a director of the Grand Canal Company in 1772-1773 and much like fellow directors, Herberton Bridge (previously Harberton) was named after him.

His political journey took root in the Irish House of Commons, where he served as the Member of Parliament for County Kildare from 1761. However, his political ascent reached new heights when he was elevated to the Irish House of Lords as Baron Harberton on 10 October 1783. Recognising his contributions, he was bestowed with the title of Viscount Harberton on 5 July 1791.

Beyond his political accomplishments, Pomeroy’s personal life was marked by familial connections that extended into the realms of historical significance. He married Mary Colley, daughter of Henry Colley of Castle Carbury, a notable figure and great uncle of the renowned 1st Duke of Wellington. Their union bore seven children. Noteworthy among them were Henry, 2nd Viscount, Arthur, 3rd Viscount, and John, 4th Viscount Harberton. The family tree also included Mary, whose marriage to Sir John Craven Carden, 1st Baronet of Templemore, County Tipperary, intertwined the Pomeroy lineage with other influential families.

The legacy of Viscount Harberton, rooted in the County of Kildare, remains a significant part of the Peerage of Ireland. The title, created on 5 July 1791, stands as a testament to Arthur Pomeroy’s enduring contributions to Irish politics. Today, in 2023, the eleventh Viscount Harberton continues to uphold the family name, succeeding his uncle in 2004.

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Connection with area: Politician after whom Herberton Road, Drive and Bridge are named.