Michael Noyek (Noyk)

(12/08/1884 - 23/10/1966)

Michael Noyk’s life story is a testament to the significant role played by individuals like him during Ireland’s revolutionary period. Born in Lithuania to Jewish immigrants, Noyk’s journey led him to become a prominent solicitor and an ardent supporter of Irish republicanism. His legal acumen and dedication to the cause saw him defending numerous IRA prisoners during the War of Independence, including prominent figures like Seán Mac Eoin and Patrick Moran. He married Mabel Stein with whom he had four children, and lived for many years on Wellington Road, Dublin.

Noyk’s involvement extended beyond the courtroom as he actively participated in political campaigns, electioneering for prominent Sinn Féin figures like Éamon de Valera and Constance Markievicz. During this tumultuous period, he played a crucial role in setting up and administering various Dáil departments, ensuring the smooth functioning of the fledgling Irish Republic’s government.

His bravery and resourcefulness were particularly evident in his efforts to secure premises for the Republican administration, often resorting to ingenious tactics to outwit British authorities. Noyk’s intelligence gathering and strategic planning, coupled with his legal expertise, were instrumental in supporting the Republican cause during a time of intense conflict and upheaval.

Even after the war, Noyk remained committed to his legal practice and continued to contribute to various aspects of Irish society. He played a pivotal role in the restoration of Kilmainham Jail, a symbolic site of Irish resistance and sacrifice. Additionally, Noyk served as the solicitor for Shamrock Rovers Football Club, showcasing his diverse interests beyond the realm of politics and law.

His passing in 22 October 1966 marked the end of an era, but his legacy as a dedicated patriot and a skilled legal mind lives on. He died and was given a full military funeral by the IRA’s Dublin Brigade.He was buried in the Jewish Cemetery on Aughavanagh Road. Noyk’s commitment to the cause of Irish independence serves as an inspiration for generations to come, reminding us of the sacrifices made by individuals like him in pursuit of freedom and justice. Through his tireless efforts, Michael Noyk left an indelible mark on Ireland’s history and continues to be remembered as a stalwart defender of the Republic.

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Connection with area: Lawyer and republican activist buried in Jewish Cemetery on Aughavanagh Road.