Samuel Beckett

(13/04/1906 - 22/12/1922)

Samuel Beckett (April 13, 1906-December 22, 1989) was a writer, dramatist, theatre director, poet, and literary translator.

His tenuous connection with the local area comes in the form of a poem he wrote called Eneug I which features Parnell Bridge(Sally’s Bridge) located at the end of Clogher Road. The poem describes a journey down the Grand Canal from Portobello to Parnell Bridge and  beyond to Kilmainham and Chapelizod.

I trundle along rapidly now on my ruined feet
flush with the livid canal;
at Parnell Bridge a dying barge
carrying a cargo of nails and timber
rocks itself softly in the foaming cloister of the lock;

on the far bank a gang of down and outs would seem to be mending a beam.

Then for miles only wind
and the weals creeping alongside on the water
and the world opening up to the south
across a travesty of champaign to the mountains
and the stillborn evening turning a filthy green
manuring the night fungus
and the mind annulled
wrecked in wind.
You can listen to “A Poetry Channel’s” interpretation of the poem here.

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Connection with area: Famous writer, dramatist, theatre director, poet, and literary translator whose poem feature Parnell Bridge.