Thomas Caffrey

(12/09/1917 - 15/05/2010)

Connection with the area: Thomas Caffey was a chocolatier who founded Caffrey’s Confectionery in Harold’s Cross during the 1930s before moving to its present factory on the Greenhills Road in Walkinstown.
Thomas Caffrey first drew attention as a chocolatier who set up a chocolate business in Harold’s Cross and moved the factory to Walkinstown later on. Today Caffrey’s Confectionery is the oldest Irish family-owned chocolate company trading under the family name.
As a young man Thomas spent his summers in the Isle of Man working with his older brother William who managed a  chocolate factory there. Under the guidance of Thomas, his firm developed famous and beloved items including Snowballs, Macaroon bars, Tea Cakes, Mint Crisp bars and Big Time bars amongst other things. And he stayed with this business into his seventies. He became known, not surprisingly, as “Ireland’s Willy-Wonka”.
Thomas passed away in 2010 aged 92, though his legend remains especially for those who loved the treat he favoured most, that is, the ‘Snowball’ which consists of a marshmallow covered with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.

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Connection with area: Irish chocolatier who operated in Greenhill road in Walkinstown since the 1950s.