Abbey House

The “Abbey House” building is named after the business – Abbey Gown Manufacturers.

The Abbey Gown Manufacturers business was first located in 32 Upper Abbey Street, Dublin in 1934. Advertisements show the company looking for machinists to make gowns and blouses. Thoms directory states the location as 34 Upper Abbey Street. Mary Agnes McCann is named as owner up until 1938 and it moved to Drimnagh Road and Walkinstown.

The buildings can be seen in newspaper articles from April 1939 located on 177 Drimnagh Road and includes a “Gown Factory” at 2 Balfe Road.  The Thom’s directory shows the building on the Drimnagh Road from 1942 onwards (until at least 1949).

In 1939, the company is looking for more experienced machinists.

In December 1939, a Drimnagh Bus protest was held and the premises was used to hold meetings. Local businesses, schools and residents came together with the aim to have the bus routes to Halfway House area. restored. Key attendees include Mr. C Robertson from the Drimnagh Paper Mills, T.P McGann, proprietor of Abbey Gown Factory and Sean Brady T.D.

During 1941, the war the staff organised a mass for peace during World War II in the local St. Agnes church.

In 1941, during World War II the factory held first aid classes for the Irish Red Cross.

In 1942, business run by the Mrs J McCann family.  Leslie McCann her son also ran it.

In 1947-1949, the business was looking for machinists, designers, pattern-maker, pressers, packets and finishers, as per the advertisements below.

There is not much information on it in newspapers or Thom’s directory after 1949.

F. McCann owns the building in 1978 and look to change from factory to outlet store.

In 1982, the Bank of Ireland looked for planning permission to create renovations and an extension to the building.

Planning permissions were sought in 2000 and 2004 for the building and surrounding land.

In December 2023, the building was bought by a French fund FPS+ Europe for €4.165 Million and rented to Bank of Ireland from 2012 for 25 years.

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory
1944 -1949 J McCann
1950s Leslie John McCann,
1970s F. McCann
1980s Bank of Ireland
2020s: FPS+ Europe

Note: 1934 – 1938 Mary Agnes McCann (Abbey Street Location)

The McCanns

Leslie McCann later owned what is now the Black Forge Inn (163 and 165 Drimnagh Road).
Leslie John McCann Born: 1906 in Bert, Athy, Co Kildare, Ireland

  • Leinster Express 1831-current, Saturday, May 30, 1942 – Oldest post official dies. Leslie’s grandfather died.

Appears in the following maps:
Building Details
Address: 177 Drimnagh Road
Longitude: -6.3274213096481375
Latitude: 53.32383970824284
Still exists: Yes
Date built: 1939c
Date first mentioned: 1939
Road(s): Drimnagh Road
Road(s): Walkinstown Road