1937 - OS 6 inch series

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The map below is a representation of the real map and shows the placenames, buildings and points of interests from the map show in the link above.. It does not show the map itself, which you can access by clicking the link and following the instruction above. If you spot anything that is not represented in the map below, please let us know.

Buildings: Burial Grounds (Jews) (Jewish Burial Grounds / Jewish Cemetary), Rutland Hall (Laundry), Loreto College (Mulberry Place / Carna Clogh House / Carnaclough / Carnacloush / Carnalough), Loreto Primary School, Sundrive Garda Station, Grove House (Grove Villa) (Grove Villa House) (Grove House) (Crumlin Villa)(Cromclan/Cromelan Cottage), Grove Field (Grove Field) (Grovefield Lodge), Fort Ostman (Fort Ostmund / Fort Ostmond / Fort Ostman House / Fortostman/ Fort Osman), Brick Works with Kilns & Chimney [Crumlin Road] (Moracrete Works, Dolphin Barn Brickwork) (Dolphin's Barn Brick & Tile Company), Prospect House [Crumlin Road], Crumlin Park (Crumlin) (Crumlin Manor House}, The Cottage (Balfe's House), Leicester House (Leinster House), Drimnagh Methodist Church (Methodist Meeting House), Abbey House, Gown Factory, Halfway House, Drimnagh Castle, St. Theresa's (Sunnyside) , Walkinstown House (Buttercup Lodge) (Wilkinstown House), Helensteve Bungalow, Cromwell's Fort / Cherryfield House (Cromwell's Fort House) , Greenmount (Greenmount House / Greenview House), Brú Youth Services (Crumlin National Male School ) (Crumlin Schools) (Crumlin National Male & Female School), Chapel (Chp.), Village House (St. Agnes Presbytery) (St. Agnes) (Presbytery), St. Agnes RC Catholic Church (Church of St. Agnes), Crumlin House (Salesian University Hostel, Mansion House), St. Enda's (Mountainview House / Mountainview / St. Eudes ), Briar Cottage (Briar Lodge) (Brier Lodge), Bleak House (Piedmont Place / Piedmont Lodge), Windmill / Windmill in Ruins [now Royston Village], Stanaway Cottage (Stanway / Stannaway Cottage / Stannaway House/ Stanway Cottage), Brook Lawn (Brooklawn), Baroma, St. Martins, Bedford (Bedford Lodge), Larissa (Larissa Villas), Sundrive Cinema Apollo Cinema, Larkfield Mill (Larkfield Roller Mills) (Larkfield Flour Mill) (St. Patrick's Mills), Iveagh House (Ivy House / Ivy Lodge / Ivy Ho), St. Colm's Christian Brother School, Christian Brothers Monastery, Lisle House (Female Lunatic Asylum) (Lysle House) (Red Brick House), Metropolitan Police Station (Crumlin Police Barracks / Civil Guard Barrack), Parochial Hall (St. Mary's School House) (Parish Hall), St. Mary's Church & Graveyard, St. Mary's Church, Crumlin Lodge, Windmill [Towerfield], Sunshine Works, Windmill / Windmill in Ruins [now Royston Village].
Placenames: Parnell Place Upper / Parnell Road, Aughavanagh Road, Glenealy Road, Rathdrum Road, Rutland Avenue (Rutland Estate, Hall's Lane), Herberton Road (Herberton Lane) (St. James's Park), Crumlin Road (Road to Ballimore), Sundrive Road (Hangman's Lane / Dark Lane / Sundrive Avenue), Sundrive Park, Old County Road (Beggs Lane) (The Bungalows), Bangor Drive, Ardagh Road, Iveagh Gardens (Iveagh Cottages / Iveagh Terrace), Raphoe Road, Kildare Road, Drimnagh Road, , Walkinstown Road, Part of Crumlin, Common(s) of Crumlin (Crumlin Commons), Wilkinstown, Kimmage Road West, , St. Teresa's Road, The Captain's Lane (Captain's Lane), , Ravensdale, Kimmage Road Lower (Kimmage Road / Kimmage Road North / Kimmage Road Upper), Poddle Park (Water Park), Blarney Park, Bangor Road, Clonfert Road, Stannaway Road, Devenish Road, Sundrive Road (Hangman's Lane / Dark Lane / Sundrive Avenue), Sundrive Park, Durrow Road, Leighlin Road, Lismore Road, Ferns Road, Clonmacnoise Road, Kells Road, Faughart Road, Monasterboice Road, Saul Road, Downpatrick Road, Slane Road, Clonard Road, Raleigh Square (Raleigh Sq), Bangor Drive, Derry Road, Armagh Road, St. Agnes Park, Somerville Avenue, Windmill Road / Windmill Lane (Mooney's Lane), Cashel Road.
Points of Interest: Camac Bridge, Grand Canal, Parnell Bridge, Clay Pit [Brickfields], Gravel Pit [Walkinstown Park], Gravel Pits x 3 [now Walkinstown Crescent], Mill Pond [Larkfield], Weir [Larkfield], Moat, GAA Grounds [Windmill Park], Market Garden [Bunting Road], Playground (Cashel Road), Playground (Clonmacnoise/Leighlin), Playground (Clonmacnoise/Lismore), Sports Ground (Aughavanagh), Dolphin Park, Athletics Club & Pavilion , Refuse Tip (Brickfields), Refuse Tip [Eamon Ceannt Park], Bowling Green, Holy Well, Athletics Ground [Pearse Park], Nursery [Royston], Iveagh Grounds, Oliver's Corner, Crumlin Cross Roads, Kimmage Cross Roads.
Notes: Cloyne / Kilfenora / Tonguefield / Stannway Drive / All of Cashel Road not built yet. Recheck all the Grovefield house and Grove Villa House entries Tower not added.