Grove House (Grove Villa) (Grove Villa House) (Grove House) (Crumlin Villa)

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory

Crumlin Villa

1853 – 1859 James Keeley
1856 J.G Primrose
1856 G. John
1863 – 1869 Cornelius Curtin
1870 – 1877 Mrs. Curtin
1878 Mrs O’ Looney

Name of house changed from Crumlin Villa to Grovevilla House.

At his residence, Grovevilla house, interment to the family burial place, Glasnevin. | The Freeman’s Journal, issue of 21 Dec 1869.

May 30 1868

June 08 1878

Grove Villa House
1879-1907 Brien O’Looney, Grove-villa House
1909-1911 Mrs. O Looney, Grove-villa House
1912-1913 Grove-villa House vacant
1914-1934 P. Kavanagh, Grove-villa House
1935 J. Kavanagh, Grove House, Prospect-villas, Old Country-road
1935 Alfred White, 1 Grove House, Prospect-villas, Old Country-road
1935 G. Lunch, 2 Grove House, Prospect-villas, Old Country-road
[Prospect-villas appears to be a filing error. Old Country-road is probably a misprint for Old County Road. Grove House was on Old County Road, but Nos 1 and 2 Prospect-villas were on Crumlin Road and were numbered 162 and 164 Crumlin Road.]
1936-1938 J. Kavanagh, Grove House, Old Country-road
1939 P. Kavanagh, Grove-house, 110 Old Country-road
1940 110 Old Country-road vacant

Death of Daughter of Cornelius Curtin and Mrs O’ Looney. March 01, 1945

1901 census (Grovevilla House)

Brian O Looney




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Building Details
Longitude: -6.302910943789978
Latitude: 53.32759629503817
Old County Road
Still exists: No