St. Enda's (Mountainview House / Mountainview / St. Eudes )

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory
1853 Michael O’Loughlin (Mountain-view)
1855 Andrew Kirwan (Mountain View)
1866-1869 William & Jeremiah Maher (Mountain view)
1877-1898 James Cathcart (Mountain-view house)
1899 Mountainview house vacant
1901-1908 Mrs. Doyle (Mountain View house)
1910 John Doyle
1911-1912 Mountain View house vacant
1913-1918 Edward A. Phelps (Mountain View house)
1919 Thomas F. O’Neill (Mountain View)
1921-1922 C. O’Connor (Mountain View)
1924-1925 James Gaffney (Mountain View)
1926 P. Bannon (Mountain View)
1928-1932 T. O’Rourke (St. Eudes)
1933-1949 Mrs. Mary A. Caugley (St. Enda’s)

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Building Details
Longitude: -6.311549811514184
Latitude: 53.317899359763715
Still exists: No
Date built: 1866<
Date first mentioned: 1866<
Road(s): The Captain’s Lane
Road(s): Captain’s Road