Village House [MERGE] (St. Agnes Presbytery) (St. Agnes) (Presbytery)

Owner / Occupier Information:
Thom’s Directory
1896-1912: Henry Mooney, St. Agnes’s
1914-1917: Irving William Sherwin, St. Agnes’s
1918-1922: Rev. Timothy O’Callaghan, St. Agnes
1924-1949: Rev. Patrick O’Keeffe, St Agnes

From 1918 to 2005 this was known as the Presbytery and at least one priest lived there.

See also Presbytery.

Tender for new St. Agnes Presbytery in newspaper in 1941.

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Building Details
Longitude: -6.31551
Latitude: 53.31826755428199
St. Agnes Road
Still exists: Yes Date built: 1896< Date first mentioned: 1896