St. Theresa's (Sunnyside)

Sunnyside disappears from Thom’s Directory when St. Teresa’s appears. This makes it likely that they are the same house. A name change might have seemed desirabls as Joseph O’Gorman was accused of attempted murder of the sheriffs when they were evicting him from Sunnyside (The Irish Times).

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory
1911 Charles Byrne, Sunnyside, Walkinstown
1912 Geo. Hart, Sunnyside, Walkinstown
1913 Vacant
1914-1917 Patrick Byrne, Sunnyside, Walkinstown
1918-1922 John O’Gorman, Sunnyside, Walkinstown

1924 Joseph O’Gorman, Sunnyside, Walkinstown
1925-1941 P. Norton, St. Teresa’s, Walkinstown
1940-1942 James Norton, St. Theresa’s, Walkinstown-road
1943-1949 P. Norton, St. Theresa’s, Walkinstown-road

James and Bridget Norton (Dairy farmers) mentioned in 1953 articles living in St. Therese.
Declan Smyth living in 1962
James living in 78 Walkinstown Road when he died in 1964.

A St. Therese Garden Guild operating in early 1960s.

Appears in the following maps:
Building Details
Longitude: -6.331500793992547
Latitude: 53.321150908899156
Still exists: No
Date built: 1911c
Date first mentioned: 1911
Road(s): Walkinstown Road