Swamp Hill

Although Thom’s Directory usually gives the location ‘Dolphin’s-barn’, Swamp Hill was actually in the townland of Stannaway, in the vicinity of the present Clogher Road/Slane Road junction.

Owner / Occupier Information:

Thom’s Directory

Swamp Hill
1859-1868 William Mooney, Dolphin’s-barn
1869-1886 Mrs Julia Mooney, Dolphin’s-barn
1879-1888 Joseph Mooney, Dolphin’s-barn
1889 Vacant
1889-1890 James Pollock, Dolphin’s-barn
1891-1892 Vacant
1893-1933 James Hughes, Dolphin’s-barn
1929-1933 R. Brennan, Crumlin-road
1934-1938 W. Rice, Dolphin’s-barn

Swamp Hill Cottage
1910 S Williamson, Dolphin’s-barn
1911-1917 Percy Williams, Dolphin’s-barn
1918-1919 Thos Lambert, Dolphin’s-barn
1921-1926 R. H. Balmer, Dolphin’s-barn
1928-1938 Patrick Brennan, Dolphin’s-barn


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Building Details
Latitude: -6.29775279269031
Still exists: No
Date built: 1859<
Date first mentioned: 1859<
Architect: 53.32560216668623
Road(s): Sundrive Road