Andrew Reddy

(18/01/1933 - 06/03/2022)

Andrew “Ando” Reddy(1933-2022), a two-time boxing Olympian and six-time national senior champion and a “grand littler battler”, who left a lasting mark on Irish boxing. Born and raised on Downpatrick Road in Crumlin and later living in Walkinstown Parade, he dedicated several decades to the sport, both as a formidable competitor and a mentor.

Ando’s boxing journey began in Crumlin, where he boxed as a young kid for Crumlin boxing club and was surrounded by four notable  national champions on Downpatrick Road.

Evening Herald 1891-current, Monday, January 20, 1964; Page: 17 (Photo taken in 1942 at Imperial Tobacco Company Pavillion – Now Pearse Park)

Ando then moved to Sandymount boxing club. Overall, he clinched the national senior championship six times, a testament to his prowess in the ring. His Olympic career spanned two Games; he competed as a flyweight in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics and as a featherweight in the 1960 Rome Olympics.  Remarkably, Ando’s brother, Tommy, also participated in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics, marking a rare instance of siblings contesting the same Olympiad in boxing. Ando won Irish boxer of the year in 1954.

In 1957, he temporarily retired telling the newspapers that he was emigrating to America.

In 1959 he was part of a team that toured South Africa.

Ando continued to take part in the annual Crumlin boxing club tournaments in the National Stadium which grew huge crowds.

In May 1960, he was rushed to hospital with a burst appendix and with the Olympics later on in the Summer, many worried that he might not make it, but in July 1960 doctors gave him a full bill of health and he make the trip to Rome in August. He is seen below being guided to the plane by his son before the Olympics.

Irish Press 1931-1995, Monday, August 22, 1960; Page: 5

His last fight was in 1962 in the national final against a Luton-based boxer named Willy Schwer who was called back to Ireland by his club in Kilcullen, in Wicklow to fight in the competition.  However, after Ando  lost the final, a controversial turn took place, when Schwer agreed to box for England shortly after.

Ando’s boxing record can be view here: 

Beyond his personal achievements, Ando contributed significantly to the growth of boxing at Sandymount and British Rail BCs. His impact extended beyond the ring, as he transitioned to training the next generation of boxers at St. Dominic’s B.C. in Tallaght, showcasing his commitment to the sport’s development.

Ando faced challenges off the ring, notably a serious injury in 2000 when a JCB digger incident left him with back and shoulder pain. Despite the setback, his resilience and determination shone through as he pursued legal action against his employer and won.

He died in 2022 and is survived by his loving wife Sheila, children Alan, Andrew, Declan, and Mary.. Ando’s son, Alan, spoke eloquently at his father’s funeral, highlighting that Ando was more than a brilliant boxer and emphasised Ando’s wisdom in prioritising love and family life over prestigious titles and fame.

Andrew “Ando” Reddy’s legacy extends beyond medals and trophies. His impact on Irish boxing, both as a competitor and a mentor, reflects a commitment to family, dedication, and perseverance. As the boxing community mourns his recent passing, Ando Reddy’s contributions to the sport will be remembered and celebrated.


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He won Boxer of the year 1954.

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Tour of South Africa 1959

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