Liam Lawlor

(19/10/1944 - 22/10/2005)

Liam Lawlor, born in October 1945, emerged as a prominent figure in Irish politics throughout the late 20th century and into the early 21st century. Raised in Moracrete Cottages, Crumlin Road, Lawlor’s journey was anything but ordinary..

During his youth, Lawlor was known for his athletic prowess in hurling. He attended Synge Street CBS and later pursued a diploma in engineering from Bolton Street College of Technology. Despite his educational pursuits, Lawlor found his calling in politics at a young age, joining Fianna Fáil as a teenager.

Lawlor’s political career kicked off with his entry into local politics, where he faced both victories and defeats. He made unsuccessful bids for Dublin County Council during the local elections, but his determination led him to secure a seat in the Dáil in the Fianna Fáil landslide victory of 1977. Over the years, Lawlor navigated through internal party rivalries and leadership contests, often finding himself in the midst of political turmoil.

Lawlor’s political career was not without its controversies. He became embroiled in numerous planning controversies, with accusations of improper rezoning and corrupt dealings with property developers. These controversies reached their peak with his involvement in the Flood Tribunal, which investigated planning irregularities and payments to politicians. Lawlor’s refusal to cooperate with the tribunal led to multiple imprisonments for contempt of court.

Lawlor’s legacy remains a subject of debate, with supporters highlighting his contributions to Irish politics and detractors focusing on his involvement in corruption scandals. His untimely death in 2005 brought an end to a tumultuous chapter in Irish politics, but the controversies surrounding his career continue to shape perceptions of political integrity and accountability.

In conclusion, Liam Lawlor’s life and career exemplify the complexities and challenges of political leadership. From his humble beginnings in Drimnagh and residence in Moracrete Cottages in Crumlin to his rise and fall in Irish politics, Lawlor’s story serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of political decisions and the importance of transparency and accountability in governance.

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Connection with area: Politician and businessman born in 8 Moracrete cottages, Crumlinn and grew up in Drimnagh.