Patrick Graham

(24/10/1895 - 09/07/1917)

Patrick Graham was born on October 24, 1894, at 8 Emerald Square, Dublin, to George Graham and Elizabeth Doyne. The family’s addresses shifted over the years: by 1901, they had relocated to 55 St. Nicholas Place, followed by 7 Viking Place in 1904, and settling at 4 Bride Street by 1911, where Patrick lived with his siblings Elizabeth, George, Pauline, and Michael. In the 1911 census, Patrick worked as a farrier, while his father served as a shop assistant before becoming a manager at Lipton’s on Lower Baggot Street.

Little is known about Patrick’s early life until he joined the Navy on August 9, 1913, although civilian records indicate he worked as a blacksmith. Standing at 5’10” with dark brown hair and grey eyes, Patrick underwent training as a Stoker, responsible for managing coal for the ships’ furnaces.

He served aboard HMS Pembroke II from August 9, 1913, to March 31, 1914, with a brief stint in the cells in early 1914. Transferred to HMS Vanguard, a St Vincent-class dreadnought battleship, on April 1, 1914, Patrick served until August 10, 1916, participating in the Battle of Jutland. He returned to HMS Pembroke II briefly before rejoining HMS Vanguard on September 26, 1916.

Tragically, HMS Vanguard met her end on July 9, 1917, at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. Internal explosions caused her rapid sinking, resulting in the loss of 843 crew members, including Patrick Graham. He was buried in Lyness Naval Cemetery alongside shipmate Robert Valentine. At the time, the Graham family resided at Thorn Villa(now demolished), located off Rutland Avenue.

The life and service of Patrick Graham aboard HMS Vanguard exemplify the sacrifices made by countless individuals during World War I. His story, like that of many others, is one of bravery, duty, and ultimately, tragedy. The loss of HMS Vanguard and its crew stands as a poignant reminder of the human cost of conflict and the unpredictable nature of naval warfare. Patrick’s memory, along with the 843 others who perished that fateful day, lives on as a testament to their courage and commitment.

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