Camaigh Kimmage

Please note: This location is an approximation based on historical maps.

  • Irish Name: Camaigh
  • Current Name: Kimmage
  • Type: Area
  • Visible on Pre-1931 maps: Yes
  • Area: Kimmage

Longitude: -6.297564889257964
Latitude: 53.31931076924408
Postal Code: 12
Approximate Location: Yes
Year first mentioned: 1769<

The name ‘Kimmage’ first appeared soon after the Norman Conquest in various and strange spellings, including ‘Kamiuche, Kemige, Camysh, Cammuce obviously an attempt by the Anglo-Normans to pronounce the Gaelic ‘Cam Uisce (‘Winding Water’) which they wrote down phonetically in various forms. The ‘Winding Water’ is, of course, the River Poddle or old City Watercourse on whose banks this long strip of townland developed.

Derivation Category: River/Water.

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