Martin's Terrace

Baile Átha Cliath 329-351 Lower Kimmage Road

  • Current Name: 329-351 Lower Kimmage Road
  • Type: Street
  • Visible on Pre-1931 maps: No
  • Area: Kimmage

Longitude: -6.296390278084763
Latitude: 53.3147026646567
Postal Code: 12
Approximate Location: No

Martin’s Terrace first appears in Thom’s Directory in 1901, and is listed under that name until 1934, after which the houses just have numbers on Kimmage Road Lower. Before 1934, some of the houses are sometimes listed under Kimmage Road as well as under Martin’s Terrace.

Nos 1-3 appear in the 1901 Directory, and subsequently additional houses were added. The houses are listed in this website under their names, although many were listed without names for a period.

#1: Willow Lodge
#2: Fernville
#3: Belair
#4: St. Kevin’s
#5: St. Agnes
#6: Ardeevin Lodge
#7: Hollyville
#8: Ivy Lodge
#9: Laurel Villa
#10: Woodbine Lodge
#11: Oak Villa
#12: Violet Lodge

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