Larkfield Flour Mill (Larkfield Roller Mills)

Owner / Occupier Information:

The old Larkfield Flour Mill was used by Eamon Ceannt and Joseph Mary Plunkett to train Volunteers leading up to the 1916 Easter Rising and is now the site of Supervalu Shopping Centre on Sundrive Road


Larkfield Roller Mills
1845-1853 Francis Tuite, Larkfield Mills
1872-1874 William Richard O’Callaghan, St. Patrick’s Mills
1875 Vacant (St. Patrick’s Mills)
1876-1878 William Danford, St. Patrick’s Flour Mills
1879-1886 William Danford, Larkfield Flour Mills
1887-1890 Wm. Danford & Co., Larkfield Roller Mills
1889 Sir Robert Herron, Larkfield Mills
1891-1912 Herron, Conolly & Co, Limited, Larkfield Roller Mills
1913 [No name], Larkfield Roller Mills
1917 Larkfield Chemical Co Ltd.
1918 Vacant
1919-1921 J. Martin Thornton
1921 – 1932 B. and K. Cleary
1933 Vacant
1934-1938 A. E. Derrington, Ltd, 12-18 Sundrive-road
1939 Larkfield Mill Works
1940-1949 St. Kevins Paint Works, A. E. Derrington, Ltd

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Building Details
Longitude: -6.2928097446397535
Latitude: 53.319464977549394
Sundrive Road
Still exists: No